The First Presentation

Yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to go and speak to a 6th through 9th grade chapel service at Brush Arbor Christian school.  This was our second presentation ever and the first official presentation.  There was approximately forty students who I got to share the importance of Biblical creation with.  I provided a couple easy ways to get an understanding of the age of the earth as well as exposed the falsehood of the Grand Canyon being formed by the Colorado river.  It was a tremendous blessing to be able to minister to the students and I thank God for that opportunity.  I look forward to seeing what opportunities He provides for us next!


Floodwaters Ministries Update

Thank you for continuing to visit our site, I know it’s been a little while since anything has been put up.  There has been some significant circumstances in our personal lives but we know that God will help us to get through them and will also help to keep this ministry going for His glory!

There are some new things coming in the hopefully-not-so-distant future.  First and foremost among them will be a one minute videos where we will be giving you the latest information on Floodwaters Ministries that we aim on posting weekly or bi-weekly.  We are also hoping to be able to put up one article a week and to improve our monthly newsletter.  We also have a larger project that we are hoping will come to fruition but it will have to stay under wraps until we have more solid information on it.

We would be greatly appreciative of your continued prayers and support.  As mentioned earlier, there are some major issues going on and we would like to ask you to pray that God would give us guidance and peace throughout these struggles.

We are so glad that you have come to visit us and would love to hear from you!  Feel free to leave us feedback, send us prayer requests, and to schedule presentations, just check out our Contact page.

All glory to God and hope to hear from you soon!