Dr. Jason Lisle’s Presentation in Winter Park

On Sunday, August 28th, we had the great opportunity to see two presentations from Dr. Jason Lisle, astrophysicist and Director of Research at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR).  His morning presentation was titled “Origins Matter” and provided a cursory look at the importance of creation and Genesis.  This evening he spoke on how “Astronomy Reveals Creation” focusing on how the beauty and size of the universe declare God’s glory and how the Bible is scientifically accurate.

“Origins Matter” was like an intro course to apologetics that showcased the importance of Genesis to fundamental Christian doctrine.  Dr. Lisle pointed out that it seems that our country, which was founded on Biblical principles, continues to move away from God in spite of having the greatest access to Christian resources.  He then shows that much of our move away from Scripture has been due to the waning understanding and faith in the book of Genesis.  One of the major influences in causing people to doubt the book of Genesis is evolution.  Evolution is taught as scientific truth but has no scientific evidence for it and much evidence that contradicts it.  However, it is taught in public schools beginning even in kindergarten.  Unfortunately, many Christians do not understand the importance of literal six day creation and have done poorly to refute evolution.  Some Christians have gone so far to try and work millions of years and evolution into the Bible.  By casting doubt on the book of Genesis they are weakening the doctrines that come from this book such as, the authority of God, six day creation, the value of human life, marriage, the origination of sin and death, and the means of redemption from sin.  As you can see, these are some major and important doctrines that are undermined.  Dr. Lisle did a great job refuting some of the more common attempts to work old universe into the Bible, especially focusing on the specific language used in the Genesis account of creation.  He specifically pointed out that anytime the Hebrew word ‘yom,’ or day, is used in conjunction with a number (first, second, third, etc.) or with any combination of morning and evening it is always referring to a literal twenty-four hour day.  In Genesis, chapter one, it is evening, morning, first day, evening, morning, second day, and so forth.  The wording specifically indicates a literal six day creation. 

The evening presentation focused on astronomy and how it reveals creation.  One of the key items he points out is how the Bible accurately depicted scientific facts that at the time it was recorded would have been contrary to contemporary belief.  Pythagoras (6th century BC) is commonly accredited with putting forward the belief that the earth is round and Aristotle (384-322 BC) is believed to be the first to prove it but the books of Job (approx. 2000 BC) and Isaiah (approx. 700 BC) depict the earth as spherical.  Dr. Lisle also covered notable phenomena that indicate a young universe.  In a spiral galaxy, like the one above, the design is caused by the fact that the stars closer to the center are moving faster than the stars on the outer edge.  If billions of years had really transpired the design would be far more twisted and would not look spiral.  Another good indicator is that Jupiter emits twice as much energy as it receives and if it were truly billions of years old it shouldn’t emit any energy at all.  Same with Neptune which is much smaller than Jupiter but emits nearly three times as much energy as it receives. 

Both presentations were well thought out and Dr. Lisle did an excellent job in articulating his argument.  He is very knowledgeable and was able to give his material in an informative, but not stiff, manner even with a little humor.  We look forward to being able to see a presentation from him again.